Saturday, June 30

busjamesh r RED URNS


(moriemur inultae sed moriamur)

(cmmnt: ze poot ear it smells
iz stuck w/ dido UrGent
of the urgents, O High eau.
Dido's a singer
she standa up
while er willy
playsthe piano

ina nightencloeb
ona pyre just

F me

[vrey curropt]

like a

rain check
reign cheek
war cheat


[ quia apparata attaca imperiala sunt de apparata mesma facta i shld kno I s an oil d

b elg ian tri] check

mate check
hate mecca
have mercy

i m a teen age d chole rapla gue
playing hide and seek with mankind
and und nou und so ha hu cover the land with filthy black ash
wee hen I weah giggle ma as s
tear [ggg] vulva inside out scratch
[‘’] the blood […] penis seep

[the alphabet with all vowels hanging out?]
unuther instnza of the alp ha bed lall gts oeuiaoeYYiarou



[guttural action]



Wow woe h yeah hey
mankind is calling (my body count)
mankind is calling woe

Wow woe h yeah hey
mankind is calling

mankind no GND

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