Thursday, February 8

Harry's totally seismic Hard St. Rochelesk Revival and the Cre(atura)danse Act

eadless quena emerging in a field of dark orange chocolatterie (detail)


hought is t

(he thou
Ght of tho
Ught) It’s

Not too late.
Act now and
end the end.

3000 worlds
In a flash w/ a
Slight cold

Tengu 2‘s sneezing
Wildly intoa fieldofPink skinny
ladimeetsa heavin & aroarin et erna lalal hailé sex- er er

Darnwherezthe obsession.getAttribute (irish westernbootstrapped
freakofahoundogtrying to ensnare the very pit

O’darkness ma ol’ fiend
o holy

Gallagher’s opera_ecto mobile
Whackwhack whackwhack

priapic plastic matrimony inc-ing fur the president
Mr Honi Rigubriousquisoit)

Going boing
Going going

To my hom

Toma hom horn

Pingl pangl plingl

loink: Home is weur meuh stella is

Is the thought

Of thought. P

Raise the Lord.

Do we not when
do we not why
Do we not when
do we not why
Do we not when
do we not why

Thai Norm Be Dun
ere Bai Camubushki

asin syncopia

Our best Poet in
Ovallalia 2007 Chi

Roro Rack

The prover sion
natur e-sun rally

jesus loves






Tuesday, February 6

The inadequate stringing or stretching of access roads

Actually, it's Het ontoereikende opspannen der invalswegen, which is something different all together