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on freedom and deconfinement

[text written today in response to a call by Tamara Lai]

‘Freedom’ for me denotes nothing much else than the sensation of feeling free much like ‘happiness’ may cause a myriad of quite contingent associations, but when you consider it more severely, it actually only ‘really’ denotes the sensation of feeling happy: the feelings are very real but the concepts themselves will never correspond to any other word than another word denoting a similar feeling, something that occurs and our response to it.
The idea of freedom, in my thinking, the concept, is always linked to the absence of the ability to feel free, so it’s a very negative notion, much like the idea of hope is always linked to the absence of the ability to feel happy. The words ‘freedom’ and ‘hope’ became/become ideals because the feelings they denote are absent and or blocked in the actual, and can only be longed for in the virtual, the distant future. Conceptually they function as ideals exactly because they call for future cha…

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