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a note on asemic reading

as some might have noticed i have recently engaged in what i would call an asemic reading of Les Fleur du Mal by Charles Baudelaire

The theory of asemic reading as i see it is very simple. I use the term 'asemic' as in denoting that such a reading does not look for the 'meaning' of any given text but instead tries to capture and render its lyrical flow into equally asemic writing, a writing that is merely gestural and only very temporarily establishes its own 'generic' way of encoding.

Asemic reading or Gignographics is a writing program that takes a written text (or a musical score or any creative encoding of any sort that can be read) reads it and writes it out in gestural handwriting. Reading and writing converge in the activity as the program runs because the reading generates its own encoding practice, its own writing. Both reading and writing can be done in an algoritmic fashion by humans or machines, so the author of asemic reading can be anyone or anythin…

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