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an extremely concise reading of 13 Neo-Cathedral Proverbs pt 2

part 1

6. matter happens  Often, when using proverbial language, stating the obvious is required, just as a reminder. All persistence is relative to the frame of time that is being used. Even in the frame of geological time it is clear that no matter is 'really' stable, it does not 'exist' like we imagine our imaginary things to exist. Matter happens, not only momentary in the quantum field but also over measurable TimeSpace.
Variants of this proverb relate to MoneySpace ( ''matter matters") or, indirectly, to the Neo-Cathedral Law of Conservation of Information ("IT matters").

7. nothing exists variant "no thing  exists"
The Cathedral's radical denial of both 'existence' and 'things' does not boil down to it's nihilistic aggregate as some are led to belief on hearing this proverb. Nihilism as a philosophical or ideological choice points towards the opposite proposition, that of 'nothing' or 'nihil…

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